#BlogospherePamperEvening: Why should bloggers go to events about blogging?


Morning all! Happy Friday! I woke up inspired to write a blogpost this morning which is unusual as it is a Friday and i usually post on Wednesday and Sunday. Anyway, before i babble on too much, i am fresh from my evening out at the Blogosphere Pamper Evening at W London. I had such a great time at the event meeting bloggers and just chatting about social media and it made me think about how many bloggers miss out on these events. One of the remarks Jess from Wildflower HQ about some bloggers avoiding events because there were no freebies or brands to meet up with, got me thinking about blogger events. The term blogger events is such a general term as it can mean a lot of things. Some of them can be events where you do go to network with brands and some, like the event hosted by the wonderful team over at Blogosphere magazine are all about bettering yourself and having the opportunity to share good ideas. So here are a few reasons why i think bloggers should be going to events about blogging:


Common myth: You know it all

No matter how long you have been blogging and doing YouTube, you do not and never will know everything about it. The online space is huge and with the rules of social media ever changing, there is always something new to learn and figure out. Our favourite topic of conversation from last night and the issues we are all having trying to grow our accounts. We also talked extensively about how to schedule content for our social media channels and keep on top of everything.


My hair looks amazing, thanks to the gorgeous girls at Schwarzkopf

We are all in it together

Blogging can be a rather isolating experience. You plug away at all hours around your daily life and watch the numbers rise and fall throughout the week. You are creating high quality yet but failing to get the engagement. Sound familiar? Blogger events are great for socialising and getting back the feeling that you are not alone. We all have the same struggles and issues and there is a great support network out there. I don’t think i would have soldier on with my blog if i didn’t tap into these events.


From left to right: Ellie Porge , Jess Morgans and Vix 

Common myth: Blogger events are all about the freebies

This is the ONE thing that frustrates me the most about a few bloggers attitude towards blogger events, if there are not any freebies, they won’t bother attending. More fool them i say. Yes it is nice that some brands will put freebies into the goody bags but you shouldn’t expect it. I love blogger events for the interaction and networking opportunities and honestly, that what you should be going for.


Thank you so much again to the lovely Blogosphere team for the pamper evening. It was well needed this week.

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