International Women's Day: Why i think it is so important


Happy Women’s Day everybody! I walked into work today and one of my male friends said this to me with such glee like it was something to celebrate. Women’s Day should be celebrated but it should also be a day of acknowledgment. The day should acknowledge the fact that women’s rights is STILL an issue being debated to this day with countries all over the world trying to find a place for women equal to men. In some countries, women are still not even being given the importance to exist in the same domains as men. It breaks my heart when i hear about girls being denied an education or being told their purpose is only to be child bearers and housewives.

I am very proud to say that i have been surrounded with very strong women in my life. Whether it has been in the realm of family, friends or at work, women have always shown me that they are strong, fighters and are able to achieve whatever they put their minds to. I am grateful that i have been bought up by my mother who is a feminist in her own right. She balances the world of family and work effortlessly and has shown me the value of having my voice heard in large arenas and taking a stand against injustice. I am grateful to have been bought up in a country where being a woman is empowerment, not something to be shameful for. I have the right to vote and have a say in politics. I have the safety of being able to walk down the street without feeling threatened or intimidated.

Use today to reflect on the women who have had an impact in your personal worlds, no matter whether they are friends or family. Sadly this world is shifting to a darker place where women’s roles are being questioned again. Men, encourage the women in your lives to stand tall and hold their hands and guide them when they need your support. To my strong powerful women out there, take a stand, be the change and ensure that our daughters and granddaughters never have to question their role and value in the world again.

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