Self-Care Month: Relaxing by Colouring


If you are anything like me, you may be finding it hard to switch off after a day at work or are too tightly wound to just sit there and do nothing. Let me introduce to you the trend that is taking the UK by storm, colouring in. As a kid i had no patience for colouring in, my need for perfection meant that colouring within the lines made me anxious. However as am adult, i have embraced it. There is something really relaxing about doing a simple activity without the need to check my phone or do something else with it. I often find myself doodling away, listening to music on a Sunday evening.

That is why i love Natasha Itzcovitz’s ‘The Whimsical Fashion Colouring Book’. It combines my two new loves and i just love how quirky her drawings are. (see below)

I had the pleasure to interview the artist of the book, Itzcovitz and find out more her inspiration behind her colouring book.

What inspired you to create a fashion illustrated colouring book?

Natasha: “When I was working in retail, I noticed how popular colouring books were and I thought there were lots of patterns but not enough fashion! I used to draw pictures of princesses for my young cousins to colour in and it felt like the perfect time for me to release my own book – why hadn’t I thought of it earlier?!”

Why do you think colouring books have become such a big trend at the moment?

Natasha: “At the moment, people are practising self-care and one a great way is relaxing with arts and crafts. We have all started to be more crafty with sewing and knitting and colouring is very reminiscent of everyone’s childhood.”

Why was it important to you to include fashion through the ages rather than focusing on one era?

Natasha: “I love vintage fashion and I think everyone has a soft spot for fashions of different eras. Fashion always borrows from the past because there are such great fashion icons and styles! My book is a mix of everything that inspires me and I hope it can give inspiration to others and some of my historical icons can spark people’s creativity.”

What do you hope the users of colouring books will take away from your book in particular?

Natasha: “I would like the users of my colouring book to have a laugh at the humour in my drawings and enjoy the process of colouring and personalising. I also hope they can put the finished drawings on their wall and feel inspired to try some of my quirky fashion styles, explore fashion and drawing and get creative and be fun with their own personal style.”

I wish Natasha all the best with her colouring book launch and if you are interested in purchasing one, it can be found here.

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