Bollywood Fashion: Mahira Khan's look in Raees


There is no doubt that Mahira Khan is absolutely beautiful. She is one of the few lucky actresses who does not need much make up or enhancement to look good on screen and her natural beauty means she can carry off any look. In Shah Rukh Khan’s new release this week, ‘Raees’, Mahira plays Gujarati girl Aasiya who dresses incredibly traditionally and has a classic look in the film. I thought i would just decode her ‘Raees’ style and do a quick post about how to get this stunning look.

Make Up


As mentioned before, Mahira does not need much make up and when she does wear it. it is kept simple throughout the film. In most scenes, she is not even wearing eyeliner and still looks flawless. I would pay good money to have her flawless skin. It is in the songs where Mahira is shown to wear the most make up with an easy smokey eye achieved using eye shadows and simple fake lashes. I loved her make up most in the song Zaalima where she had the most sultry eye looks and for her wedding scene, had a simple wedding look with gold eye make up and red lips.

Her hair is blown out throughout the film, tousled with gentle waves and curls to add to the glam look she always has.

Simple kurtas


For most of the film, Mahira is seen wearing very simple kurtas, the uniform of a Gujarati girl. They are all cut with a low neck and back and often had resham work on the sleeves and bodice. The most common colour that Mahira was seen wearing with blue and i loved these simple looks on her. All the fabrics were handwoven and she had a very girl-next-door look about her.

Song looks


I truly adored the looks that Mahira had in the songs. For Zaalima, the designer Sheetal Sharma made her look very flowy and romantic. She wore black lace and long chiffon dupattas which added to the old school charm that Mahira exudes. I loved her cream lengha that she also wore in the song with a resham work long top with side slits and a long skirt layered underneath. Her look for the garba song Udi Udi Jaiye was very atypical of a Gujarati occasion, red and yellow with a plait completing the style.

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