New Year's Goals for 2017 #HappyNewYear


It is that time of year again where we all make promises to ourselves and others that we can’t really keep and then feel ridiculously guilty about them afterwards. This year i aim to have goals rather than resolutions and will try aim to achieve them rather than conquer the world before January is over.

So what did i promise myself in 2016:

1) Health 

2) Read more 

3) YouTube

4) Experiment 

I wanted to be more healthy and think i have achieved this on some level. I stopped making myself guilty about having a bar of chocolate or a sugary treat and instead learnt to be more moderate. Having healthy days, ensuring that i got some fruit into my diet and actually tried to get some exercise in unconventional ways.

Unfortunately reading more did not happen. But as i got more into blogging, i started to read more blogs via Bloglovin. I read so many now on a daily basis and it inspires me to get better at what i do.

I did start up my YouTube channel and though i haven’t done loads on it, i got over my initial nerves, put up my first video for the world to see. I am going to invest in some better equipment and grow into something i can continue to enjoy.

Experiment. I learnt how to swim this year. This has to be my biggest achievement this year. I was so terrified to be in a swimming pool and the anxiety, though still present at time, i have learnt to swim and actually take my feet off the ground and enjoy being in the water.

So what next for me for 2017:

  1. Blog more, YouTube more I have learnt the art of both and now i want get better with my content and be more regular about it too.
  2. Save more I want to take the jump and get my first home this year so i have to learn how to be good.
  3. Have fun This sounds like a really random thing to say but somewhere along the line, having such busy weeks all the time meant i forgot how to do this. I want to enjoy the moments more and appreciate them.

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