#GGBlogChallenge Day 9: Writing to me at 16


Land’s End Cornwall


Dear 16 year old me,

16 years old, you feel like a grown up and you think that know it all but also feel just as confused at the same time. You have chosen a career in journalism, a path which no one understands and everyone is pressuring you to choose something ‘more serious’ as a career option. Stick to your guns as even though this path is lonely, hard and frustrating, it is your first step onto a journey of a lifetime. You will meet some amazing people, travel the world and have experiences that only you will appreciate. You will be different and being different is NOT a bad thing.

You feel like the black sheep all the time with everyone telling you how to speak, dress, walk and it is making you incredibly sad. You will figure it out one day that being unique is what makes you an interesting human being. You don’t have to have the perfect look or outfit, what will make you amazing is just being you. Flaws and all.

You will meet an incredible man who will become your husband. He will accept you just the way you are and will encourage you to evolve and grow into a better human being. Don’t be afraid of his charisma and his overpowering personality, he will be your opposite in every way. Embrace him as he will mark a turning point in your life. You will become more confident and realise that life is about living and not about fulfilling a duty or commitment.

Work will always be a part of your life but those hard hours of graft will pay off with something much better. You will go back to a familiar place and find that it becomes your home with people who will become your family.

Enjoy your time at university and college and don’t stress too much about what’s next. It’s okay to keep wanting more, that is what is keeping you alive. Treasure those smaller moments and appreciate the quieter ones. Keep faith and know that you won’t always feel like this.


Sanoobar x


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  1. September 9, 2016 / 3:28 pm

    That is so lovely!

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