#GGBlogChallenge day 8: Interesting things about me


I have to be honest here, i am finding it incredibly hard to keep with daily blogging this month and this is only day 8. Anyway, let’s get on with my daily blog. Today’s topic, 15 interesting things about me:

  1. I am a brown one stripe belt in Shotokan Karate
  2. I am awful at sports. I was always picked last as a kid for teams and honestly i didn’t really care. I wanted to hole up with a book instead!
  3. I didn’t start wearing make up until the age of 20.
  4. I still can’t put on eyeliner properly.
  5. I have never had short hair and i am still terrified of going too short at hairdressers.
  6. I love being clean and i don’t mean this in an obvious way. I mean i don’t feel comfortable until i have a shower in the evening.
  7. I have achieved my Duke of Edinburgh’s Award at Bronze, Silver and Gold.
  8. I am obsessed with animals and caring for them but i really don’t like reptiles or insects.
  9. I drink A LOT of water per day.
  10. When i first learnt to drive, i was terrified of driving and used to avoid using my dad’s car as much as possible.
  11. I have an abnormal threshold for sour food and i love it.
  12. I spend a lot of time getting lost in London but it is how i have found some of the best places to eat and hang out.
  13. I really love a good afternoon tea!
  14. I hate going to beauty salons and i do avoid it until i absolutely really need to go.
  15. I am phobic about feet and i don’t even like touching my own.

Photo of me today


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