#GGBlogChallenge 1: Introduce Yourself



First up, a quick update on what i am up to with this brand spanking new hashtag. Deep breath* I have vowed to blog for the next 30 days, each and everyday. I have set myself this challenge because i thought why on earth not. It has been ages since i have felt motivated to write and create new content and it should also help me develop some sort of writing routine. This challenge is not my brainchild by the way, it comes from The Girl Gang facebook page. I just hope it is something i can sustain throughout the month.

For my first challenge: Where are you from and what do you love about your hometown?

I am from London in the UK. I have lived in London all my life and honestly i love everything about it. Yes it is stupidly expensive and yes it is struggle finding somewhere to live in London but honestly NOTHING beats it. I have travelled quite a bit but there is nowhere like London for me. London is incredibly cosmopolitan and multicultural and that is what makes it incredibly special. Every single part of the city has a different vibe and represents something which is unique to the people who live in that area.

I love the fact there is always something going on every single day. I have never had a day out in London where i have felt bored or that there is nothing to do. You can always find a new restaurant, cafe, event, concert.. whatever you feel suits you. In the summer, London can feel so happy and relaxed with people out and about discovering the city and in the winter, even when it is bitterly cold, there are lots of things to do inside and Christmas just feels magical on the river.The pace of the city is fast but within that commuting bubble, there is an all accepting embrace where you can find somewhere to get a bit of peace and quiet.

I wouldn’t change London for the world and it is simply home.

Sanoobar x


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