Film Review: Jason Bourne


Star rating: ****

Everyone is familiar with the Bourne films by now. They have become a must see for action film junkies and the formula is entertaining and full of those epic raw fight scenes. ‘The Bourne Supremacy’ (20017) changed the formula of action movies with slick action scenes combined with grit which at times made uncomfortable viewing. Matt Damon has become synonymous with this role playing the haunted CIA assassin who had his memories robbed and is now trying to find out who did this to him. It is film which has some die hard fans so seeing Damon back as Bourne on the big screen did hold a lot of appeal for the audience.

The film opens on the Greek- Macedonian border where Bourne stripped to the waist is taking down a man twice his size in bare-knuckled fighting. Bourne has resorted to making his living as a fighter off the grid, hiding out and keeping a low profile away from the world of social media and cameras. In the meantime, Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles) has been busy staying off the radar too but is in Iceland, breaking firewalls and finding backdoors in the CIA database to find out more about the Treadstone programme. Parsons tracks Bourne down and we are off. There is fantastic chase scene here through Athens combining the action and drama with gritty documentary style footage. It is fascinating to see how all these elements are woven in together, with long range cameras, hand held cameras, cctv, photography and aerial surveillance footage.


I really enjoyed this Bourne film, it has the usual formula but i do love how all the modern elements of social media, cameras and the surveillance is used throughout the film and woven into the Bourne landscape. It is the usual cat and mouse chase but it is easily amplified by the ease that Damon brings into the role and you have genuine sympathy for this plight. Alicia Vikander’s role as Heather Lee is brilliant, her cold exterior yet her expressionless way of contrasting against the archaic Agency Director Robert Duwey is nicely done and they do play off each other well. There is an interesting debate in the film about privacy and how much control the government should have over other people’s online identities. More could have been done to build on this concept but it doesn’t detract from the action.

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