Summer Survival Tips


If you had told me that i would be writing about London having a heatwave this week back in January, i would have laughed and laughed but here we are, having a heatwave. I love summer in London, people are generally happier and friendlier and with the long summer evenings, you can even head to your local open space and have a wander after a hard day’s work. The only downside of summer in London is the uncomfortable heat that envelopes you on public transport and makes you feel as though you may die before your stop arrives. Here are some of my top tips to survive this heat:

Stay hydrated

It sounds like the most obvious thing but keep on drinking water. I mean water, not fizzy drinks or any sugar based soft drinks as the sugar content within them means that you are more likely to feel thirstier quicker. Water is the purest form of hydration and will stay in your system longer.

Don’t take cold showers

Something interesting i heard today was that you are more likely to feel hotter after a cold shower and even though it cools you down for the moment, you will flood your system with hot blood when you start warming up again. Instead use trepid water, which is more like your body temperature and still cool enough to give you a satisfying shower.

Wear cotton

Cotton is not always the most easiest fabric to wear, creases easily and is a pain to iron but it will keep you cooler than other fabrics. It absorbs sweat (yuck) quicker and dries rapidly preventing you heating up throughout the day.

Carry deodorant

It sounds obvious but you cannot believe the smell of people’s body odour on public transport during these warmer days. For goodness sake, spritz yourself before you get on the tube or you will see people scurrying away from you as soon as you raise your arm to hold on.

Make up issues

Girls keep make up to a minimum. For those of you who are like me and get relentless breakouts, you will be sweating throughout the day which means your skin will be the oiliest it has ever been, taking in all the make up right into your open pores and blocking them.

If you have to wear make up, stick to the basics, primer, concealer and switch up your liquid foundation for powder foundation. Once you start tanning in the sun, your blemishes will just be hidden away so you can get away with some concealer and powder foundation. Looking like an oil slick is never a good look!

Sand sand sand

I love going on the beach and i always get barefoot and sink my toes into the sand. However when the day ends, i hate all the sand grains stuck to me for the ride home. A little tip, put talc powder or baby powder on the sandy areas and the sand will fall right off, meaning you don’t have to go home feeling uncomfortable.

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