Movie Review: Jurassic World

Jurassic World

Jurassic Park is a classic and let’s face it, one that pretty much everyone born in the nineties shared and loved. Michael Crichton’s book was dramatised into this dinosaur filled trilogy 24 years ago and it became one that bought the dinosaur age to life for audiences of all ages. The trailer for this film showed off its special effects with a massive mosasaurus jumping out of the water to eat a shark dangled in front of him and a new dinosaur ‘Indominus rex’ being bought to the centre of the action.

Having learnt nothing from the previous films, Jurassic World brings us to yet another dinosaur park being reopened on an island Isla Nebula, the location of the first park. It has now become a fully fledged dinosaur entertainment attraction with dinosaurs becoming old news and visitors wanting new dinosaurs with more teeth and scarier. This is where the ‘Indominus Rex’ is cooked up which causes chaos in the film, ripping the place apart.


I went into this film with an open mind, expecting it to be a new instalment in the Jurassic Park saga. However, it seems to be a mish mash of the previous three films with all the best bits collated into one. Chris Pratt plays a trainer who creates an interspecies relationship with the Raptors and is determined to stop humans weaponising them. The one character who really got on my nerves was the park’s operation’s manager Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard). Considering that she should be the one in charge of the place, she is the one who is the least aware of what is happening. Someone also needs to find me the name of her shoe manufacturer, she runs from dinosaurs through mud and rocks and even runs from a T Rex in her high heels and never stumbles or breaks a heel. There is a small story in the film about two brothers who are visiting the park but you never feel much for them as they are simply there to act as the endangered children who need rescuing.

Jurassic World is worth a watch as it is entertaining but you do wish that it was a new take on the series. It has some references to the old Jurassic Park but you seem to think the film was simply written for audiences to reminisce about the old film and it doesn’t pay a fitting tribute.

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