London Fashion Weekend at Somerset House

I do love London Fashion Weekend. Once all of fashion’s royalty head off to Milan, we have London Fashion Weekend where Somerset House opens its doors to invite in the general public to shop the looks to their heart’s content and see all what fashion has to offer for the upcoming year. I love it. The buzz you feel as soon as you walk into the courtyard is thrilling and i enjoy wandering through the neverending corridors of Somerset House to discover rooms and rooms filled with clothes, shoes and various accessories made my big name and small name designers.

How cute are the rings above. They were priced at around £150 each but they looked gorgeous, perfectly crafted and could really add an edge to everyday outfits.
Emma J Shipley scarves are some of my favourites and the prints on them are always ones i look out for at London Fashion Weekend. This year, she is collaborating with Disney and this tinkerbell scarf (above) was one of the designs i saw there. It is beautiful and so magical.
One thing i was disappointed to see was fur being bought back into London Fashion Weekend and there were a couple of rooms full of the stuff. After seeing numerous documentaries about how fur is attained for sale on the luxury market, i can’t even look at the stuff without feeling heartbroken. We don’t need to kill animals to be warm, i wish designers would get this already and stop advocating it.
Maybelline had their usual make up room at London Fashion Weekend and this one has to be one of their best yet. I love the way it was displayed with an edgy flowery M on the window and the ‘graffitied’ mirror. They were offering free 15 minute make overs so i had Lauren do mine for me. She was great and talked me through all the make up she was using and how she was using it. I even ended up buying a couple in the end.

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