Eating Out Review : Cosmo Restaurants (Romford branch)

I don’t really write about many restaurants i go to, partly because i am very unadventurous when it comes to food. I like the comfort of having food that is reliable and won’t be too radically different to what i am used to. That does make me sound boring doesn’t it? I think i just have a very mild paranoia around food and the way it should taste and feel in my mouth. Okay, i definitely am weird!
Anyway, so after a few recommendations from friends i headed to to Cosmo Restaurants in Romford. It had been given great reviews in terms of its food and the fact that it was a buffet meant that even if i didn’t like the food, no one would judge me for having chips. The food is laid out according to countries so you have India, Italy, Japan and many more. You are left to eat whatever you want from the buffet and as much as you want too.
The first thing that struck me the most about Cosmo is the lack of atmosphere and that is partly due to its location. It is based inside a shopping centre so you get tired shoppers there at the end of the day to put their feet up. The food is not delicious, it is average and you get a good variety for your money. I was a little annoyed by the fact that no one was actually looking after the food as many kids were walking around putting their hands in the ice cream and in the dessert bowls and that really put me off the dessert. It is a good place to go to after a hard day’s shopping but not one i would frequent for myself as a place to go eat.

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