Paris Fashion Week 2013: Lanvin

Florals are big for this summer season and it is good to see that this trend will continue through to the colder months. I love the fact that they are bigger flowers instead of the smaller pattern as they are lot more dramatic and create a statement. The colour combination of lilac and black is so cute and it is nice to see that it will translate into later on in the year.
Statement necklaces are all the rage this year and Lanvin has stuck to this trend. I love this ‘Love’ necklace and the way it has been teamed up with a plain dress.
Butterfly prints have always had my heart. I love the delicate nature of them and how pretty they are worn on clothes or as an accessory. I do like how ladylike the print looks on this strapless dress and and long sleeve gloves are so elegant. 
Prom dresses always look so cute and i think it is because that i have never been to a prom as they are not big in the UK. I like the hide and reveal nude organza sleeves on the top half of the dress and the flare out skirt is incredibly elegant. 

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