Movie Review: So Undercover

It has been a while since we have seen Miley Cyrus on the scene, whether it be her music career or a film and television roles, she has been laying low. The Disney kid is all grown up and Miley is all grown up with a new image and an even sexier look in real life. Having been a huge fan of the film ‘Mean Girls’, i thought the trailer suggested that this film would be along similar lines. I was hoping to see Miley as an adult and more developed as an actress in this film.
 Molly (Miley Cyrus) is a personal investigator for her dad, an ex-police officer, who takes hidden photographs of cheating spouses. She is rescued by the FBI from this demeaning task and planted as an agent in a sorority house to protect documents that have been left with Alex. Alex is the niece of a key witness in a Russian mob boss trial. 

The plot of this film is very much confused and a lot of it is disregarded to keep up the comic effect of the film. Miley is trying hard to convert to an adult actor but she is not getting the roles that she deserves and playing a sorority sister was not the best use of her talents. A lot of characters in the film are disposable and many of them just strut around in their small outfits. Watch this if you like teenage films but it not a film to remember. 

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