MAC Eye Shadow Quad Review

Firstly let me just talk about the make up brand Mac. I love their make up products and i am a firm believer in their powder foundation and their blot powder which i bought about two years ago. However since then, i have never been back and here’s the reason why. Mac has terrible customer service.

There i have said it. Every time i have walked past their concession in a department store and their flashy little stores, i am always afraid to go in there. All the times i have attempted to go in there, the girls have disregarded my need for help due to my clueless nature towards make up. I find it so intimidating that these girls with their expert make up skills, look me up and down, and assume that i am wasting their time. Here is a news flash to them, girls like me are MORE likely to shop in your store because we need someone to tell us what on earth to do with all these things so well laid out. I have had Mac girls reluctantly test foundation on my face because they think my acne is┬ácontagious. I have had Mac girls point me vaguely towards the eye shadows and tell me to ‘figure out what shade i am’. I even heard one mutter to another that i would be wasting their time anyway so after 10 minutes, she should call her and say she has an appointment.

However, on Friday, i went into Selfridges and ventured tentatively into the Mac concession and found a helpful make up artist. She basically helped me pick out these colours (see below) and even showed me how to take it from a day to night look.

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