Visiting the Tower of London

Having been a Londoner all my life, it is even surprising me to say this – I have not been to see Tower of London since i was about 5. So when it came to trying to find something to do for my love’s work treat, i headed down to the Tower of London to discover the true magic of British history. If you have a child or a younger sibling who does not get British heritage and how it all started then the Tower of London would be the best place to take them to discover history in a fun and informal way.

We went on a tour with the ‘Beefeaters’ who also known as Yeomen Wardens who ‘guard’ the Tower of London. We went on a tour with a man called Jimmy who made the stories of the the various towers as grisly as possibly with some sarcastic humour added in for the elders. He led us around the various towers from the outside and told the tales of all the various prisoners kept in them. For the record, even the Beefeaters don’t know why they are called so as it may have came from them being given beef which was an honour as the rest of London was starving at the time but this is not confirmed.

The Jewel House is the real star of the tower with the crowns and ornamental items being put on display in all their glory. It was fascinating to see how different Kings and Queens liked to show off their wealth and privileges. 

The Tower of London is a fantastic experience and i highly recommend it whether or not you are interested in History. It is a great day out and the seeing the Tower Bridge in all it’s glory from the Tower walls really does make you feel like a real royal!

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