The Dark Knight Rises

Starring Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Michael Cane, Morgan Freeman, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman and others
Star rating: *****
No film has been so hotly awaited than ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. Ever since the explosive trailer hit YouTube, fans were eager to set their eyes on the third part of the Batman trilogy. With ‘The Dark Knight’ and ‘Batman Begins’ behind him, director Christopher Nolan completes this famous story, satisfying the audience’s appetite for this dark instalment of the Batman saga. I was curious to see this film, partly because of the introduction of the villain Bane (Tom Hardy) who was a rival even stronger than Batman himself and also i was heavy hearted knowing that this is the end of the trilogy.
The Dark Knight Rises begins eight years on from the previous film, where Batman aka Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) has gone into hiding after being branded a murderer for District Attorney Harvey Dent’s death. Slinky thief Selena Kyle aka Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) is a girl from the wrong side of the tracks who breaks into Wayne’s manor and steals his mother’s pearl necklace. Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) is having a hard time getting back to peace and still believes that something is going down in the sewers. He is right of course, a new terrorist leader Bane (Tom Hardy) arrives on scene, intent on causing chaos in Gotham City and forces Batman to come out of retirement. The story looks at Wayne’s personal battle to stay alive and figure out his moral purpose while battling an enemy which is stronger than himself. 
Even before i had seen this movie, i  knew that it would be epic and The Dark Knight Rises definitely lives up to expectations. Bale is fantastic playing Wayne and Batman and knows the characters so well that they might as well be his alter egos. The physical and mental struggle Wayne experiences to get back to putting on his suit is portrayed with painful detail but it is this realism that makes this franchise so great. Director Nolan never shies away from making his characters have very human weaknesses that the audience can relate to. Joseph Gordon- Levitt is great as the young idealistic officer who supports Gary Oldman’s Commissioner Gordon very well throughout the film. Tom Hardy does a great job at playing Bane but if only he had a more distinct voice. He sounds like Darth Vader shouting and often his words are lost behind the heavy breathing and frankly i can’t remember a lot of his dialogue. Anne Hathaway is sexy but at the same time devious as Catwoman and carries the role off with finesse. Michael Cane reprises his role as Alfred and as always puts on a dignified yet heart warming performance as the butler come fatherly mentor to Bruce Wayne.
A truly great film and despite its length, i was entertained throughout and with its twists and turns, i was hanging onto my seat. A must see for every Batman fan!

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