Imperial War Museum London

Exterior of the Imperial War Museum London
I have to say it has been an age since I visited the Imperial War Museum London and being a historian at heart, it really should be my one of my rainy day places to visit. On one sunny morning, I headed to the museum in South London to see if I would still in be in awe of the place and find it as interesting as I had done before. I am pleased to say that I did find it as interesting and enjoyed every moment being there.
Me checking out one of vehicles used during the World Wars

As we entered the museum we were faced with the same big aircrafts from war time and same tanks that I marvelled at as a teenager. All the history I have learnt over the years finally came into context as I walked around the exhibits from the First and the Second World Wars. The best part was being able to speak to a child from the war, now an elderly gentlemen who described being evacuated in great detail with some precious anecdotes. 
It is definitely worth a visit for the young and the old who want to experience a bit of history in a very vivid setting!

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