The Dark Knight Rises

Starring Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Michael Cane, Morgan Freeman, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman and othersStar rating: *****No film has been so hotly awaited than 'The Dark Knight Rises'. Ever since the explosive trailer hit YouTube, fans were eager to set their eyes on the third part of the Batman trilogy. With 'The Dark Knight' and [...]

More pictures from the Olympic Opening Ceremony Rehearsals

The Olympic ParkThe world's largest McDonald's Danny Boyle urging people to #savethesurpriseChildren going round the totem pole on the Isle of WonderThe sea of silkThe tree of life opening up to reveal the minersThe SuffragettesIndustrial RevolutionIndustrial Revolution in full swingThe rings coming togetherThe national anthem being played The NHS sceneLondon Underground dance sceneThe 60s light up girls

Heroine trailer

I am a little late on this one, apologies. The Olympics are taking over my life.Kareena Kapoor stars in Bollywood film 'Heroine' where she plays an aspiring actress to decides to play the media to her advantage. Looking at the trailer, i am not quite sure whether the film is aimed at being sarcastic or [...]