What to expect when you’re expecting

Star rating: **
Starring Cameron Diaz, Matthew Morrison, Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Banks, Chace Crawford, Anna Kendrick and others

If i had to name you the cast of What to expect when you’re expecting, i would literally be here all day telling you them so i won’t. Firstly i was quite surprised to find out that the film was not directed by the director of Valentine’s Day but this film has the same feel to it. The story follows the lives of five different couples who are all facing the prospect of bring a little person into the world and are all battling their own dilemmas. The first is Jennifer Lopez’ character Holly who is desperate to get pregnant but can’t so is seeking to adopt an Ethiopian ¬†child. Jules aka Cameron Diaz is a reality show presenter who gets pregnant on a dance show after having an affair with her dance partner Matthew Morrison. Elizabeth Banks aka Wendy runs a breastfeeding¬†business and is keen to get the ‘glow’ pregnancy will give her and so on and so forth. As the prospect of the child coming becomes a reality, each of the characters face their own problems as you would expect.

Storyline-wise, this film is no surprise. In fact, you can guarantee a happy ending for each of the characters from the word go. Two things that stand out for me in this film are the two characters played by J. Lo and Elizabeth Banks. Jennifer’s character aka Holly’s desperate need to have a child does pull the heartstrings of the audience and she does play the role compassionately and sensitively.

Elizabeth Banks’ role as Wendy wins hands down for me in this film. She begins with a naive outlook on pregnancy and realises all is not what it seems. Her outbursts are hilarious and even had a pregnant woman in my cinema audience clapping. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!

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