Superwoman Syndrome

Superwoman syndrome. It happens to the best of us. As women, we are expected to do everything. Take care of the home, family and deal with the pressure of work too. Sometimes, that can get on top of the best of us and things can get out of control. You start finding that you are more switched on at work, then you are at home. At work, i am so put together. Wearing cute little outfits, being able to have intellectual conversations and hitting every deadline with both hands tied behind my back. As soon i get home, i get cranky, grumpy and making an effort to do anything apart from have dinner and go to bed just seems exhausting. The ‘office me’ is sassy, witty and on top of everything. The ‘feet up’ me would not be recognised by my workmates. I am like a bear with a sore head and sadly my family and friends get the brunt of it.

Work does suck the life out of me and it really is my social kryptonite. When it comes to the weekend, i am more than happy to hibernate in my house with trashy tv and no other human being able to speak to me. No i don’t want to be at my friends and family’s beck and call in my spare time when i do that all day work answering calls, emails and running around after people. Yes that means i am labelled anti-social, however, i can’t be ‘switched on’ all the time. I know i need to use my superwoman strength to be more social but i am not going to apologise for having a high powered job. So people, just give us a break and let us have our breathing space. We can’t do everything but we’re trying. Help us out a little and let us come back to you in our own time.

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