There are not many Indian restaurants i rate in Central London. It is mainly because i’m Indian myself so i see no reason for me to head outside for Indian food. However, i do have a weakness for Indian street food. For those of you who don’t know what it is, see here

Ever since i first set foot on the beaches in Mumbai, India, at the age of 4, i was totally taken with their chana chaat, pakoras, pav bhaji and my favourite of all, Pani Puri. However, back in the UK, it is incredibly hard to find somewhere that keeps the pleasure of eating out and having authentic Indian street food at a reasonable price. One that comes vaguely close is Masala Zone, but as of late, they have become a bit bland in taste and let’s face it the science beaker given with pani puri or golguppas, is a big turn off.

However, walking the streets of London after a busy day’s shopping, i was pleased to discover Imli’s in Wardour Street, Soho. It is rather unnoticeable among all the big Japanese chains but heaven awaits if you do find it. The food was pleasantly delicious, spices were just right and i can dare to say that my mother would have gladly eaten here without complaint. Pav Bhaji was hot with soft warm pav that melts in your mouth as you eat it. Each dish starts at £5 and goes up £15. Staff were polite and courteous and made sure we felt welcomed and even timed all our courses just right. It really is a must see for anyone craving a good Indian on the streets of London.

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