1 day to go!

Two more days to go! I haven't got lots of time to write this as i am meant to be leaving work soon and heading out to enjoy my last evening with glasses. Three things i hope eye laser surgery helps me improve on:My vision (obviously!)self confidence - i really do want to be rid of [...]

3 more days to go!

Three more days to go till i get eye laser surgery. Looking at these pictures, i've realised that wearing glasses, i pretty much look the same each day (need to trim my fringe too!). I had a work event today. An event where normally i would have worn a pretty dress and sorted out my hair and [...]

4 more days to go!

Admittedly so this one of my better hair days and i actually look decently put together. I was talking to my friends about eye laser surgery today at work and i seriously can't believe that this time next week, i will be able    to see clearly without having a barrier between me and the [...]

6 more days to go!

6 more days to go before the eye laser surgery! These are what i call my 'at home' glasses, ones which i actually used to wear outside until my eye prescription changed. I have had many styles of glasses in my time wearing them, in very different colours too. Please note how small my eyes [...]

Baby fun at Asda

Baby Minnie MouseI really am not the type to get all broody around kids clothing but imagine my surprise when i walked into my local Asda and spotted the most cutest baby clothes ever. I do have a soft spot for Disney characters but this is the most adorable collaboration for a children's range that [...]


Taking part in a Ceilidh wasn't really up there when it came to the things i wanted to do before i die, but i am so glad that i did it. It was so much fun. One of my work colleagues was leaving and as part of his send off, he hosted a Ceilidh. It [...]